About Us

Giolo S.r.L. specializes in road transport, for third parties, of chemical products - petrochemical ADR classified and non - food products, through the use of tankers, tank containers and containers. It operates in Italy and Europe. Entrusting your logistics operations to Giolo S.r.l. means believing in the experience of a transport leader of over 50 years.

Born on the road and for the road

The beginning of our transportation business dates back to 1945, when Giolo Virgilo bought the first truck and began road transport activity at the end of the war. Subsequently, following in his footsteps, the sons Bruno, Alberto, Luciano, Rino and Dario continued and developed the family business by providing services on a national scale through a small vehicle fleet. To meet the growing development of the Venetian industrial production activities in the chemical and food industry, F.lli Giolo S.n.c. was born in the mid-70s. Over the following years, boosted by the wealth of experience acquired and trust from its clients, the company grew both in terms of turnover and committed human resources, so in 1988 Giolo S.r.L. was founded. The company continued to develop and in the 1990s, comes into contact with the largest European chemical industry multinationals; the company began to transform and evolve in Italy and Europe, enabling it to reach its current size and structure.

Giolo S.r.l., now run by the third generation, is still a family business which has kept, in its progressive and organized development, all the typical and positive characteristics of
such an approach. Currently the company is present throughout Italy and much of Europe. The network currently developed exploits the intermodal and multimodal synergies, partnership with the largest structures of European transport.



Our facilities include:

The head office located in a complex of 20.000 mq in Cona (Venice) Italy entirely fenced and guarded 24 hours 24 inside which there are offices, a parking lot, a structured workshop and equipped to perform all ordinary maintenance necessary to the vehicles, a distributor for fuel and Adblu and a system for washing lorries and cleansing on-site tanks.

There are also 3 outside deposits located in:

  • Marghera (VE) - Italy;
  • Ravenna - Italy
  • Livorno - Italy;
  • Koper - Slovenia.

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